Francis Kuriakose (EUR) and Deepa Iyer (Cambridge): Human Rights in the Big Data World. Kimberly Houser (Oklahoma State) and W. Gregory Voss (Toulouse): GDPR: The End of Google and Facebook or a New Paradigm in Data Privacy? Paul-Olivier Dehaye and Michele Loi (Zurich): If Data is the New Oil, When is the Extraction of Value from Data Unjust? William McGeveran (Minnesota): The Duty of Data Security. Why do we care so much about privacy? Big Tech wants to exploit our personal data, and the government wants to keep tabs on us — but “privacy” isn’t what’s really at stake. “Owning your data” will not save you from data capitalism. Google’s Earth: How the tech giant is helping the state spy on us.

Kieron O’Hara (Southampton): Where Shall We Draw the Line? Conservatism, Privacy and Digital Modernity. Jordan M. Blanke (Mercer): Top Ten Reasons to Be Optimistic About Privacy. Welcome to the age of privacy nihilism: The personal-data privacy war is long over, and you lost.

Lindsay F. Wiley (American): Medicaid for All? State-Level Single-Payer Health Care. Trump wants to end the filibuster — he’s right. Both parties see little to lose and big points to make in shutdown fight. This could be a really long government shutdown. Corbyn faces furious Labour backlash over backing Brexit. Samuel Moyn on why law schools are bad for democracy: They whitewash the grubby scramble for power. Glee in Russia over Trump’s foreign policy largess (and more). How connected is your community to everywhere else in America? Here is a map of every building in America. Scott McLemee reviews Authoritarianism: Three Inquiries in Critical Theory by Wendy Brown, Peter E. Gordon and Max Pensky. What was Steve Mnuchin thinking? Annie Lowrey on three possibilities.

Margaret Ryznar (Indiana): #MeToo and Tax. Three reasons that Jim Mattis’s resignation is not just unusual — but startling. Trump can launch nuclear weapons whenever he wants, with or without Mattis. Trump forces Mattis out two months early, names Shanahan acting defense secretary. There never were any “adults in the room”: The only real grown-ups in American politics are in the resistance (and more). What is glitter? A strange journey to the glitter factory. The yellow vests are here to stay. Women’s March roiled by accusations of anti-Semitism. Facebook’s very bad year, explained. Why do we pledge allegiance? An excerpt from Inventing American Tradition by Jack David Eller. Rachel Sugar on the weird hegemony of “birthday cake” flavor.