John Henry (Bard): Reflections on the New Deal: The Vested Interests, Limits to Reform, and the Meaning of Liberal Democracy. The US has a surprisingly large amount of public ownership — but in order for it to truly serve the social good, it must be expanded — and democratized. The case for a mixed economy: Maybe not everything should be privatized. Stephanie Kelton has the biggest idea in Washington. Jared Bernstein interviews Isabel Sawhill, author of The Forgotten Americans: An Economic Agenda for a Divided Nation. Millennials didn’t kill the economy — the economy killed millennials. The hard truths of trying to “save” the rural economy.

The 2018 economy, in 11 graphs: The good, the bad, and the ugly. For the American economy, storm clouds on the horizon. A recession is coming — Trump is going to make the recovery worse. No, Donald Trump is not leaving us poorly prepared for the next recession. Trump fears greatest economy in history is on brink of collapse. Economy is strong, leadership is shaky — which will win out in 2019?

Mark Camilleri (Malta): The Tourism Industry: An Overview. The generals won’t save us: People who saw Jim Mattis as a check against Trump misunderstand the role of the military in a democracy. James Meek reviews Breaking News: The Remaking of Journalism and Why It Matters Now by Alan Rusbridger (and more and more). Democrats can win back rural America, but first they need to understand what bled it dry. Why fights over immigration keep shutting down the government. Borders don't make a country: A border is just one thing that makes America great. Moral holiday shopping is harder than you think. Dammit, it's still obstruction even if it happens in plain sight. The introduction to Can Politics Be Thought by Alain Badiou.

From Foucault Studies, a special issue on Foucault and Philosophical Practice. Two decades after his last deadly act of ecoterrorism, the Unabomber has become an unlikely prophet to a new generation of acolytes. How Sherrod Brown turned his rumpled authenticity into a brand — and gave himself a good story to tell in 2020. Gritty’s evolution from googly-eyed hockey mascot to meme to leftist avatar, explained. In Syria, Assad’s government is doubling down on executions of political prisoners. Michael Kazin reviews These Truths: A History of the United States by Jill Lepore (and more and more). Strong men, caring women: How Americans describe what society values (and doesn’t) in each gender. Why the power elite continues to dominate American politics.