Sionaidh Douglas-Scott (Oxford): Britain and the European Union: Federalism and Differentiation; and Brexit, Boundaries and the Power of Images. Theresa May experiences a historic parliamentary humiliation — but the Brexit disaster is a failure of the entire British political class. Britain is a nation in desperate need of a driver (and more). As Brexit deal goes down in flames, exasperated Europe wonders what the Britons want. Richard Seymour on the strategic perplexity of the Left on Brexit. Donald Tusk says Brexit deal looks impossible. Does the government’s Brexit defeat mean a Norway-style deal? The Brexit deal was defeated in Parliament — here’s what happens next (and more).

Greece with its bailout, the UK with Brexit: The European Union is the reigning champion in this game of chicken. How does the E.U. think this is going to end? In the standoff over Italy’s debt, Brussels is playing a very dangerous game. The rough year ahead for France: Macron’s concessions to the Yellow Vest protesters won’t fix a problem that’s fundamentally about the European Union. Broken Europe: Helen Thompson on why the EU is stuck in perpetual crisis. The anti-Europeans have a plan for crippling the European Union.

Gary Bolton (Texas), Eugen Dimant (Penn), and Ulrich Schmidt (Kiel): When a Nudge Backfires: Using Observation with Social and Economic Incentives to Promote Pro-Social Behavior. Welcome to the People’s Democratic Republic of America: Reporters need to start treating DC like a foreign posting. You should care that Richard Spencer’s wife says he abused her. Democrats are wondering what the hell happened to Lindsey Graham. How to think about empire: Avni Sejpal interviews Arundhati Roy on censorship, storytelling, and her problem with the term “postcolonialism”. How much do you trust Bill Barr? Diversity on Capitol Hill starts with paying interns. Why archaeology is so much more than just digging.

From The Atlantic, a look at the 50 moments that define an improbable presidency. Curtis Bradley, Oona Hathaway, and Jack Goldsmith on the death of Article II treaties. The verdict is in: Aung San Suu Kyi is an authoritarian. Should federal workers walk off the job? Federal workers potentially have the leverage to stick it to Trump and put an end to the shutdown. Trump confronts the prospect of a “nonstop political war” for survival. Often aided and inspired by social media, an increasing number of young Saudi women are taking enormous gambles to escape the country, rights groups say. The Border Patrol has been a cult of brutality since 1924. Here’s what’s really happening at the border.