From 538, how Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg could win the 2020 Democratic primary. Advice to repentant “tough on crime” Democrats: Tell the truth. Who’s afraid of Bernie Sanders? A lot of Democrats, apparently. Will the 2020 Democrat be progressive, or electable against Trump? In 2020, the Dems need to shoot for the (electoral college) stars. The Democrats need a landslide victory in 2020. Campaign workers demand minimum wage, progressive culture from 2020 Dems. Ella Nilsen and Dylan Scott on the silent majority of Democratic House freshmen. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is leading and following at the same time (and more and more and more). Republicans are accidentally doing more to advance progressive values than Democrats.

Blair Fix (York): Energy, Hierarchy and the Origin of Inequality. What the hell is going on with the State of the Union, explained. The Trump-era overcorrection: The evolving coverage of a confrontation on the National Mall offers a case study in how media outlets zigzag wildly in their efforts to please their readers. Why thousands of protesters — and Trump — are demanding Venezuela’s president step down (and more and more). Anand Giridharadas on the new elite’s phoney crusade to save the world — without changing anything. Davos attendees are worried about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — she’s the least of their problems. “Are we really where we are?”: Trump, Putin, and Washington’s unbelievable new normal. Harry Brighouse remembers Erik Olin Wright (and more).

Why languages and dialects really are different animals. “Rational self-interested maximizers” ruin the world: Why we’re all better off working for the collective good. Zimbabwe is burning — it’s time to act. The wheels of justice are grinding to a halt: FBI agents say the government shutdown is costing them confidential sources, postponing indictments, and shutting down investigations. Paul C. Light on how the government shutdown could become a government breakdown. Hypothetically, Americans want compromise — but not in real life. The shutdown is not a result of partisan bickering. “Knock them in the teeth”: How Trump turns crises into leverage. In France, a new magazine uses toilets to look at the world.