Daniele Bertini (Rome): On What a Religion Is Not. Johann Platzer (Graz): Does a Truly Ultimate God Need to Exist? Rik Peels (VU Amsterdam): Can God be Jealous? Amber Griffioen (Konstanz): Are You There, God? It’s Me, the Theist: On the Viability and Virtuosity of Non-Doxastic Prayer. Lloyd Strickland (MMU): The Problem of Religious Evil: Does Belief in God Cause Evil? Jon Mahoney (Kansas State): Religion, Identity, and Violence. Katherine Dormandy (Innsbruck): The Epistemic Benefits of Religious Disagreement; and Does Epistemic Humility Threaten Religious Beliefs? The introduction to The Birth of Modern Belief: Faith and Judgment from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment by Ethan H. Shagan.

From Anthropological Measurements of Philosophical Research, A. V. Halapsis (DSUIA): The Measure of All Gods: Religious Paradigms of Antiquity as Anthropological Invariants. How to read the Good Books: From the Torah to the Quran, sacred texts can resist and reward modern readers. What happens to religion when we find aliens? A rabbi, an imam, and a Christian theologian on what life in space could mean for the spiritual. Albert Einstein's “God letter” reflecting on religion auctioned for $3m.

Peter Egge Langsather, Haakon Gjerlow, and Martin G. Soyland (Oslo): Is All PR Good PR? How the Content of Media Exposure Affects Candidate Popularity. Why we’re all better off working for the collective good. Why the wall matters: The more symbolically important Trump’s border fight gets, the more desperately he needs to build a literal wall. If Trump declares a national emergency, Pelosi can jam Republicans — here’s how. Trump’s options for wall shrink as Republicans balk at national emergency declaration. Shutdown shuts out the next generation of public servants. Time and time again, hyped claims of rampant illegal voting turn out to be untrue. The introduction to A People’s Constitution: The Everyday Life of Law in the Indian Republic by Rohit De.

Cass Sunstein (Harvard): #MeToo as a Revolutionary Cascade. Mass starvation is a crime — it’s time we treated it that way: The famine in Yemen is not simply “man-made” — particular men are responsible, and they should be brought to justice (and more). The pathology of prejudice: Erika Hayasaki on what neuroscience tells us about the persistence of hatred. David Malpass, Trump’s World Bank-hating pick for World Bank president, explained. How the record number of female lawmakers will — and won’t — change Congress. Trump admin: Reuniting migrant families may not be possible. Brian Beutler on Ralph Northam’s lasting shame. Blackface is the tip of the iceberg: The structural problems we need to solve lie at the roots of American society.