From ProPublica, a special report on how the IRS was gutted; and who’s more likely to be audited, a person making $20,000 or $400,000? Poll: Warren’s wealth tax is very popular. Voters aren’t moving left on taxes — Democrats are moving toward voters. Democrats’ tax plans reflect profound shift in public mood. How Donald Trump is helping Democrats to call for tax increases. A wealth tax is better than some of the alternatives. How Elizabeth Warren would try forcing billionaires to pay her wealth tax. Brandon L. Garrett (Duke): Wealth, Equal Protection, and Due Process. This is a great time to hike the estate tax, because America’s billionaires are getting really, really old. People like the estate tax a whole lot more when they learn how wealth is distributed. What’s really radical? Not taxing the rich. Why taxation is neither theft nor slavery: Being billed for government services isn’t theft, but property itself is.

Brink Lindsey, Steven Teles, Will Wilkinson, and Samuel Hammond (Niskanen): The Center Can Hold: Public Policy for an Age of Extremes. What does it mean for the United States to recognize Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s president? (and more) The Monroe Doctrine may be dead in Latin America, but its ghost still haunts the White House. From the African American Intellectual History Society’s Black Perspectives, an online forum on Frederick Douglass @ 200. Jane Landers on how she digs through archives to unearth hidden stories from African-American history. It’s time for think tanks and universities to take the democracy pledge. Trump’s State of the Union was a preview of his 2020 strategy. Nancy Pelosi: House Speaker or Congressional gangster? Monica Hesse on the exquisite shade of Nancy Pelosi’s applause at the State of the Union.

Agneta Fischer (Amsterdam), Eran Halperin (IDC Herzliya), Daphna Canetti (Haifa), and Alba Jasini (Leuven): Why We Hate. David Uberti on the future of the #SlatePitch in Trump’s world. “It’s a mess”: Race and gender fault lines in Virginia cripple Democrats (and more). The complete and utter collapse of Virginia’s Democratic Party. Was Eric Hobsbawm a dangerous Communist? Austin Carr goes inside Wisconsin’s disastrous $4.5 billion deal with Foxconn. Who’s afraid of budget deficits? Jason Furman and Lawrence H. Summers on how Washington should end its debt obsession. All the reasons the 2020 census is shaping up to be a disaster. An idea for Electoral College reform that both parties might actually like.