Katerina Deligiorgi (Sussex): The “Ought” and the “Can”. Christian Tarsney (Oxford): Moral Uncertainty for Deontologists. Richard Marshall interviews Melissa Merritt on Kant and contemporary ethics. Robert J. Hartman (Gothenburg): Moral Luck and the Unfairness of Morality. Ethics from a human point of view: Paul Russell examines Bernard Williams’s attempt to make sense of ethics, without a moral system. Joshua May (Alabama) and Victor Kumar (BU): How to Debunk Moral Beliefs. Marcus Arvan (Tampa): The Dark Side of Morality: Group Polarization and Moral Epistemology. A study on driverless-car ethics offers a troubling look into our values. Philosophy can make the previously unthinkable thinkable. Against moral sainthood: As philosopher Susan Wolf argues, life is far more meaningful and rich if we do not aim at being morally perfect.

Anthony Skelton (UWO): Late Utilitarian Moral Theory and Its Development: Sidgwick and Moore. Eva Erman (Stockholm) and Niklas Moller (KTH): The Interdependence of Risk and Moral Theory. Glory, beauty, epiphany, imagination: Richard Marshall interviews Sophie Grace Chappell on how to do moral philosophy. Can we be held morally responsible for our actions? Yes, says Daniel Dennett; no, says Gregg Caruso. The kernel of human (or rodent) kindness: What we can learn from lab rats that don’t show empathy for other rats.

Mario Coccia (CNR): A Critique of Human Progress: A New Definition and Inconsistencies in Society. Bina Nir (YVC): The Individual and Society: The Social Role of Shame. Russian-style kleptocracy is infiltrating America: When the U.S.S.R. collapsed, Washington bet on the global spread of democratic capitalist values — and lost. Evan Nicole Brown on the hidden history of African-American burial sites in the antebellum South. An excerpt from Workers on Arrival: Black Labor in the Making of America by Joe William Trotter Jr. Regulate social media now — the future of democracy is at stake. Why humans evolved into such good bullshitters: Sean Illing interviews William von Hippel, author of The Social Leap: The New Evolutionary Science of Who We Are, Where We Come From, and What Makes Us Happy.

Rebecca Gould (Birmingham): Is the “Hate” in Hate Speech the “Hate” in Hate Crime? Waldron and Dworkin on Political Legitimacy. Fightback against the billionaires: Rutger Bregman, Winnie Byanyima, Anand Giridharadas are the radicals taking on the global elite. “This is how you talk about race”: Democrats can’t fix the heinous mess they’ve created in Virginia, but they sure can learn from it. Chantal Mouffe, defiant political thinker: “Don't simply dismiss populism”. The U.S. can help solve the Venezuelan crisis by not being a bully (and more). There’s now an official Green New Deal — here’s what’s in it. AOC’s Green New Deal resolution is utopian — and pragmatic (and more and more).