Lea Ypi (LSE): The Politics of Reticent Socialism. The philosophical case for socialism: John Rawls is best known for “A Theory of Justice” but his later work has important political implications. Barry Eidlin on Erik Olin Wright: A life of contradiction and clarity. From Current Affairs, seeking utopia in Louisiana: The lost story of a group of socialists who built an extraordinary, but flawed, colony; and toward the wiki society: Wikipedia gives good evidence that socialism can work. Is America’s future capitalist or socialist? Steve Pearlstein, author of Can American Capitalism Be Saved? and Bhaskar Sunkara, editor of the socialist journal Jacobin, debate. The ABCs of Jacobin: The unlikely success of a socialist print magazine.

The young Left’s anti-capitalist manifesto: Its goal is to remake our economic system — and the Democratic Party. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has turned the corporate media into an agent of socialist change. A socialist in every district: Mayors, state representatives, the presidency, Congress — in 2020, democratic socialists should run candidates at every level across the country. Trump’s attack on socialism is a colossal blunder. Trump is right to be afraid of socialism.

D. Shaw (Basel): Pub Philosophy (“Going to the pub raises many interesting philosophical issues, some of which pose ethical dilemmas”). Sarah Churchwell on America’s original identity politics. The National Enquirer’s tactics have been revealed — but they’re not new. Jeff Bezos used to fight the spotlight — now the world’s wealthiest person is surrendering. Jeff Bezos protests the invasion of his privacy as Amazon builds a sprawling surveillance state for everyone else. The Green New Deal isn’t enough — but Democrats should embrace it anyway (and more and more and more and more). AOC’s Green New Deal is a reminder to end the filibuster. Day care for all: Katha Pollitt on how the progressive to-do list is missing a very important idea.

Mira Burri (Lucerne): Cultural Heritage and Intellectual Property. After democracy: What happens when freedom erodes? The media is blowing its coverage of Warren’s Native American claim. Here’s why so many Americans feel cheated by theirs student loans. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam plans to survive by changing his agenda to focus on race. Virginia scandals cast shadow over Democrats’ election hopes. Blackface isn’t just about the racism in America’s past — it’s also about the racism in America’s present. From divorce to blackface, Americans’ standards are rapidly changing. A confederacy of grift: The subjects of Robert Mueller’s investigation are cashing in. John Dingell: My last words for America.