Wealth concentration returning to “levels last seen during the Roaring Twenties”, according to new research. America is an oligarchy — it doesn’t have to be. Among 1-percent earners, where are all the women? How the upper middle class is really doing: Is it more similar to the top 1 percent or the working class? Rich people have been taking your money for 40 years and they still are. Reflections on a quixotic bid for social and economic justice: In rural America, a cascade of billionaire dollars is making sure that democracy cannot grow. How to get filthy rich in America without anyone knowing your name.

Abolish billionaires: A radical idea is gaining adherents on the Left — it’s the perfect way to blunt tech-driven inequality. Abolish libertarians: Centrist defenses of billionaires are poor economics, and we should reject “moderate” attempts to defend the status quo. Bill and Melinda Gates and the problem of the “good billionaire”. Bill Gates: I’ve paid $10 billion in taxes — I should have paid more.

Dawn E. Johnsen (Indiana) and Walter E. Dellinger (Duke): The Constitutionality of a National Wealth Tax. Ari D. Glogower (OSU): A Constitutional Wealth Tax. How a wealth tax would work in the United States. If it weren’t for the estate tax, the majority of the superwealthy’s money would never be taxed. The tax code treats all 1 percenters the same — it wasn’t always this way. For Democrats aiming taxes at the superrich, “the moment belongs to the bold”. Democrats have broken the taboo about raising taxes, and that’s a good thing.

Scott Timcke (West Indies): Foucault, White, and the Linguistic Turn in Western Historiography. Isaac Chotiner interviews Quinta Jurecic on what we learned from Michael Cohen’s Congressional testimony. India has made its point in Pakistan — time to let the diplomats do the hard talk. France is prepared to extend its nuclear deterrent to Germany. Trump’s talks with Kim Jong-un collapse, and both sides point fingers (and more). Here’s why Kim Jong Un put sanctions first — and why North Korea is not Vietnam. This is what the world thinks of the sudden end of the Trump-Kim summit. The Electoral College is the greatest threat to our democracy. U. of California system cancels Elsevier subscriptions, calling move a win for open access. Why everyone’s talking about reparations, explained.

James J Chriss (Cleveland State): Social Control: History of the Concept. Melissa Byrnes on the ongoing protests in Algeria. Domestic workers are using Roma’s Oscar buzz to demand equal rights under US law. No generation has undergone such meticulous examination in recent years as the millennials — yet our understanding of them contains a glaring gap. Cohen’s testimony put Trump Org CFO Weisselberg back in the hot seat. Can Jeremy Corbyn save Britain from Brexit? How America learned to stop worrying and love deficits and debt. Rediscovering the lives of the enslaved people who freed themselves. Daniel W. Drezner on a few thoughts on the “Historovox”.