Kevin K. Banda (Texas Tech), Lilliana Mason (Maryland), John Cluverius (UMass), and Hans Noel (Georgetown): A Distinction with a Difference? Investigating the Difference Between Liberals and Progressives. From New York, a special issue on socialism. The Democratic Party isn’t as left-wing as you think. Memo to the media: Stop asking dumb questions about “socialism”. How Pramila Jayapal’s inside-outside strategy is changing the future of progressive politics (and more). AOC, Sanders, and Warren are the real centrists because they speak for most Americans. A very British lesson for the American Left. Caught between Trump and the left, Democratic candidates seek to avoid the socialism squeeze. Should leftists go on FOX?

When freedom > privilege – oppression: Rethinking identity politics, Left unity, and the Sanders’ revolution. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants the country to think big. The Democrats’ irrational love of the filibuster could doom their agenda (and more). Finding the future in radical rural America: It’s time to rewrite the narrative of “Trump Country” — rural places weren’t always red, and many are turning increasingly blue. “Socialism” has lost all meaning in American politics. 2020 matters for the Left — here’s why 2022 matters much more. Stacey Abrams’s new essay on identity politics reveals why she’s a rising star. Progressives, beware centrists’ attempts to co-opt your platform.

Nancy LeTourneau on the real divide that threatens Democrats. Two paths for the Left: The dueling visions of Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn. Progressives in Congress could be the tea party of the Left — but do they want to be? Trump is making “socialism” sound pretty good. People used to joke about “Democrats in disarray” — they’re not joking now: Henry Farrell interviews Sam Rosenfeld, author of The Polarizers: Postwar Architects of Our Partisan Era. American socialism is nothing to be afraid about. The lies underpinning the centrist pushback against Ocasio-Cortez. Will 2020 Democrats help Trump by destroying each other?

The sensible politics of soaking the rich: Democrats are avoiding questions about how to pay for Medicare for All and the Green New Deal — the answer is quite simple. The debate Democrats need to have and the one they need to avoid. The economic rationale for the Democrats’ aggressive agenda: There are good reasons to expand government programs right now. Alex Shepard on the overdue death of Democratic “pragmatism”. The city of dreams: Nathan Robinson writes in defense of the utopian impulse (and more). Centrism and moderation? No thanks — in times of moral crisis, everyone picks a side, even those proclaiming neutrality.

A Clinton-era centrist Democrat explains why it’s time to give democratic socialists a chance.

Jane R. Bambauer and Tauhidur Rahman (Arizona): The Quiet Resignation: Why Do So Many Female Lawyers Abandon Their Careers? Jesus Padilla Galvez (Castilla-La Mancha): Democracy in Times of Ochlocracy. Alan Wolfe reviews Identity: The Demand for Dignity and the Politics of Resentment by Francis Fukuyama. Fukuyama was right (mostly): Francis Fukuyama’s central contention still rings true — there is no conceivable ideological rival to liberal democracy (and more). Meet Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, the first Democrat running for president on climate change. Revealed: Facebook’s global lobbying against data privacy laws. Trump’s denuclearization strategies for Iran and North Korea are totally opposite — why? Mary L. Dudziak on the toxic legacy of the Korean War. What’s next after the Trump-Kim summit? Jen Kirby interviews David Kim.

W. Burlette Carter (GWU): Can a Sitting President Be Federally Prosecuted? The Founders Answer. The brewing fight over making the Mueller report public, explained. Renato Mariotti on why the Mueller report might disappoint almost everybody. NYT columnist Bret Stephens inadvertently explains why women don’t report sexual harassment. Ignore all arguments about what is “politically feasible”: Nobody actually knows what can and can’t happen in politics. Adithya Rajagopalan on new evidence for the strange geometry of thought. Age of anxiety: America seems to be in the midst of a full-blown panic attack — is there anything we can do about it? Momo is as real as we’ve made her: Adults are terrified about what their children are seeing online — should they be? Oliver Sacks on steam engines, smartphones, and fearing the future.