Joshua B. Horton and David W. Keith (Harvard), Jesse L. Reynolds (Utrecht), Holly Jean Buck (UCLA), Daniel Callies (Frankfurt), Stefan Schafer (IASS), and Steve Rayner (Oxford): Solar Geoengineering and Democracy. Marion Hourdequin (Colorado College): Climate Change, Climate Engineering, and the “Global Poor”: What Does Justice Require? Kaitlin T. Raimi (Michigan), Alexander Maki and Michael P. Vandenbergh (Vanderbilt) and David Dana (Northwestern): Framing of Geoengineering Affects Support for Climate Change Mitigation. Sikina Jinnah (UC-Santa Cruz), Simon Nicholson (American), and Jane Flegal (Spitzer Trust): Toward Legitimate Governance of Solar Geoengineering Research: A Role for Sub-State Actors.

We could spray cheap chemicals in the air to slow climate change — should we? Geoengineering is a last-ditch option to stall global warming — and it’s getting a first test. Planet-hacking became more urgent and terrifying than ever this year. Dave Levitan on why geoengineering is inevitable.

Simplice A. Asongu and Nicholas Biekpe (Cape Town), Joseph Nnanna (DBN), and Paul N. Acha-Anyi (Johannesburg): Contemporary Drivers of Global Tourism: Evidence from Terrorism and Peace Factors. Elderly Trump critics await Mueller’s report — sometimes until death. The next several months will be nonstop — brace yourself. Can anti-Semitism split Democrats like it split Labour? H.I.V. is reported cured in a second patient, a milestone in the global AIDS epidemic. Some key ideas behind MMT, the theory everyone’s talking about. Why did it take 10 years for America to leave Michael Jackson’s Neverland? (and more and more) What is common, what is rare: Why extraordinary events cannot eclipse everyday racism.

From the Congressional Research Service, a report on Global Trends in Democracy: Background, U.S. Policy, and Issues for Congress. How a flare-up at Harvard Law could undermine legal rights for everybody else. “Remain in Mexico”: Trump’s quietly expanding crackdown on asylum seekers, explained. An extremely comprehensive guide to House Judiciary’s investigation. The House’s sweeping new probe may be the biggest threat to Trump yet. Obituary: David Held. Thousands of Algerians are protesting to force their ailing dictator to step aside. Dear Michael Bloomberg: Thank you for not running for president. Yuval Feldman on his book The Law of Good People: Challenging States’ Ability to Regulate Human Behavior.