Nick Bostrom (Oxford): The Vulnerable World Hypothesis (and more). Richard Fisher on the perils of short-termism: Civilisation’s greatest threat. Are we on the road to civilisation collapse? Arden Rowell (Illinois): Miracles and Catastrophes. Alexey Turchin on global catastrophic risks connected with extra-terrestrial intelligence; and on approaches to the prevention of global catastrophic risks. What are the biggest threats to humanity? Kelsey Piper on the case for taking AI seriously as a threat to humanity. Abigail Higgins on 10 ways the world is most likely to end, explained by scientists. Has the new dark age begun yet? Peter Fleming on why he writes toward apocalypse. How will we know the world is ending? Maddie Stone on the fossils of the 21st century: “Most of our things will not rot down at all easily”.

Marko Kovic, Adrian Rauchfleisch, and Christian Caspar (ZIPAR): Global Risks and Population Policy (and on the best future for humankind). Don’t worry, the future is going to be fine. Martin Rees gives humanity a 50-50 chance of surviving the 21st century — but he’s still an optimist. The introduction to On the Future: Prospects for Humanity by Martin Rees.

Beth A. Simmons (Penn) and Cosette D. Creamer (Minnesota): Do Self-Reporting Regimes Matter? Evidence From the Convention Against Torture. Getting rid of the Electoral College isn’t just about Trump (and more). The reckoning of Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Nihilist in Chief: Alex Pareene on the banal, evil, all-destructive regime of Mitch McConnell. Isaac Chotiner interviews Bernard-Henri Levy on the rights of women and of the accused. Where for art thou the "resistance"? New Zealand just banned military-style firearms — here’s why the U.S. can’t. Tech platforms treat white nationalism different from Islamic terrorism (and more). Obituary: Mary Warnock.

From Architecture Philosophy, a special issue on Architecture and the Political, including Roger Paden (Roger Mason): On the Use and Abuse of Historical Monuments for Life: Nietzsche and Confederate Monuments. Has online shopping actually saved us any money? “Change is closer than we think”: Charlotte Alter goes inside Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s unlikely rise. Beto, Biden and Bernie: The B-Boys and the media’s dangerous, self-fulfilling prophecy. Matthew Yglesias on the case for making 2020 the real Year of the Woman. A guide to the Mueller investigation for anyone who’s only been paying half-attention. James Comey: What I want from the Mueller report. Some advice to Robert Mueller on how to finish that big writing assignment.