Ulf Engel, Matthias Middell and Katja Werthmann (Leipzig) and David Simo (Yaounde): Africa in the Globalizing World: A Research Agenda. Oasis Kodila-Tedika (Kinshasa) and Simplice Asongu (AGDI): The Long-Term Effects of African Resistance to European Domination: Institutional Mechanism. How a state fails: Stuart A. Reid on Congo’s slide into chaos. Helen Epstein on Congo for the Congolese. The thing about Guinea: Doug Merlino reviews A Socialist Peace? Explaining the Absence of War in an African Country by Mike McGovern. This Kenyan village is a laboratory for the biggest basic income experiment ever. The military doesn’t advertise it, but U.S. troops are all over Africa.

Muse Gadisa Demie (UNSW): Cereals and Gender Roles: A Historical Perspective. A history of denial: Howard W. French reviews Empires in the Sun: The Struggle for the Mastery of Africa by Lawrence James. The creation of Birthright Africa: Taglit-Birthright offers trips to Israel for young American Jews — now there is a program for people of the African diaspora. Ben Taub on Lake Chad, the world’s most complex humanitarian disaster: Boko Haram, climate change, predatory armies, and extreme hunger are converging on a marginalized population in Central Africa. Joe Penney on Africa, latest theater in America’s endless war.

Pablo Yanguas (Manchester): Varieties of State-Building in Africa: Elites, Ideas and the Politics of Public Sector Reform. Using comedy to strengthen Nigeria’s democracy: A news-satire series modelled on “The Daily Show” aims to empower viewers — will the joke get lost in translation? Africa has plenty of land — why is it so hard to make a living from it? In Africa, presidential term limits are working. Emily Meierding on how cheap oil hurts sub-Saharan Africa. The first chapter from African Dominion: A New History of Empire in Early and Medieval West Africa by Michael A. Gomez.

Simplice Asongu (AGDI) and Sara le Roux (Oxford Brookes): Understanding Sub-Saharan Africa’s Extreme Poverty Tragedy. Landry Signe on Africa’s big new free trade agreement, explained. The party had been perfectly correct on every issue: Imraan Coovadia on the end of the Zuma years. The future is African — and the United States is not prepared. You can download Violent Becomings: State Formation, Sociality, and Power in Mozambique by Bjorn Enge Bertelsen (2016).

David Matheson (Carleton): The Incoherence of Soft Nihilism. From Congressional Research Service, a report on Commemorations in Congress: Options for Honoring Individuals, Groups, and Events. Pamela Druckerman on how the midlife crisis came to be. A spymaster steps out of the shadows: John Brennan quietly ruled the national-security state under President Obama — now he’s coming forward to rail against Trump and to defend his own legacy. The World Cup so far has been apocalyptically good. Woman who climbed Statue of Liberty says Trump is a monster. Alex Ward on the most important part of the Trump-Putin summit no one is talking about. The British Russia collusion scandal is breaking wide open. Ezra Klein on Donald Trump, Bill Shine, and the problem with “triggering the libs”.

How will we know what a Supreme Court nominee really thinks? Richard Hasen on how Justice Kennedy’s successor will wreak havoc on voting rights and American democracy. What rulings would a brazen conservative majority produce? Jeffrey Toobin on how Trump’s Supreme Court pick could undo Kennedy’s legacy. Conservatives, don’t put too much hope in the next justice.

From Philosophy and Public Issues, a special issue on Pierre Rosanvallon’s Le Bon Gouvernement, including a precis by Rosanvallon; Emmanuel Picavet (Sorbonne): Observations on Pierre Rosanvallon’s Le Bon Gouvernement; Chiara D’Alessandro on The Presidentialisation of the French System in the Crisis of Political Representation; Franco Manti (Genoa): Good Government and Participatory Democracy: A Model of Social Partnership; Jack Coopey (Durham): Citadels: Crisis of Representation as Authoritarian: The Ruling Class in Adorno and Rosanvallon; and Erasmo Silvio Storace (Insubria): On “Parler Vrai”: Reflection Over the Political Languages of the (Dis)trust in Le Bon Gouvernement by Pierre Rosanvallon.

US Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits. Trump creates “denaturalization” task force to pursue deportation against thousands of U.S. citizens. Republicans don’t really want to fix illegal immigration. “The House is tired of getting burned”: As the border crisis festers, Republicans fear Trump will betray them on immigration. DNA tests are being used to reunite separated migrant families. The Trump administration just admitted it doesn’t know how many kids are still separated from their parents. From the travel ban to family separations: Carrie Cordero and Quinta Jurecic on malevolence, incompetence, carelessness.

Lindsey Dillon, Vivian Underhill (UC-Santa Cruz), Christopher Sellers (Stony Brook), Nicholas Shapiro (Science History Institute), Jennifer Liss Ohayon (Silent Spring Institute), Marianne Sullivan (WPU), Phil Brown and Sara Wylie (Northeastern), and Jill Harrison (Colorado): The Environmental Protection Agency in the Early Trump Administration: Prelude to Regulatory Capture. Ultra-right Texas think tank Texas Public Policy Foundation wields power over Trump’s environmental and energy policy. Scott Pruitt is burying his radical pro-polluter agenda under oceans of boring legalese: How a dense, legalistic notice about rethinking cost-benefit analysis could derail environmental protection.

Tribalism fueled Scott Pruitt’s rise to power — and the scandals that came with it. What finally did in Scott Pruitt? How Scott Pruitt blew it: Trump had grown tired of the torrent of negative stories about him and had come to believe they were a distraction that wouldn’t go away. Scott Pruitt is gone — his assault on the environment continues. Andrew Wheeler, former coal lobbyist, is now overseeing the EPA. Life in Trump’s cabinet: Perks, pestering, power, putdowns.

Kristof Dascher (Regensburg): A City Shape Explanation of Why Donald Trump Won. Polling data shows Republicans turned out for Trump in 2016 because of the Supreme Court — they’re about to get exactly what they want. How Democrats plan to turn Kennedy’s retirement into a political win. How Democrats can shut down the Senate (and part 2). Trump is nothing without the Senate — and so are the Democrats. Researchers wager on a possible Deepfake video scandal during the 2018 U.S. midterm elections. The midterms will make us more divided than ever.

Brian Beutler on how the media doesn’t have to blow the next election. No, Bill Maher, a recession wouldn’t guarantee a Trump loss in 2020. What nonvoters really think: There are tens of millions of them, and they could seal Trump’s political fate.

From PUP, the introduction to Republics of the New World: The Revolutionary Political Experiment in Nineteenth-Century Latin America by Hilda Sabato. Diego Acosta Arcarazo (Bristol): Open Borders in the Nineteenth Century: Constructing the National, the Citizen and the Foreigner in South America. From Nuestra America to Abya Yala: Notes on imperialism and anti-imperialism in Latin America across centuries. Miguel A. Rivera-Quinones (UPR): Dependency Theory and South American Governance in Post Neoliberal Times. Grant J Silva (Marquette): “The Americas seek not Enlightenment but Liberation”: On the Philosophical Significance of Liberation for Philosophy in the Americas.

Ilan Bizberg (Colmex): Varieties of Capitalism, Growth and Redistribution in Asia and Latin America. Christian Barry (ANU) and Gerhard Overland (Oslo): Who Owns It? Three Arguments for Land Claims in Latin America. When democracy isn’t enough: Elections and free markets haven’t solved the real problems in Latin America. Latin Americans are protesting and throwing out corrupt regimes — why now? Why antiestablishment fervor is growing in Latin America: Will today’s corruption scandals fuel tomorrow’s demagogues? Omar Encarnacion on the Trumpification of the Latin American Right. Latin America’s socialist support system is crumbling. Amy Erica Smith on signs of democratic demise in Latin America.

Brendan Markey-Towler (Queensland): Anarchy, Blockchain and Utopia: A Theory of Political-Socioeconomic Systems Organised Using Blockchain. Enemies of the state: America has always discriminated in the name of national security — it’s just gotten better at pretending it’s not. We’ve finally found a criminal immigrant who was booted from his home country and foisted on to America: Trump’s grandfather, Friedrich Trump. You are: Christina Lupton reviews The Beneficiary by Bruce Robbins. Former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak’s arrest part of a swift fall from grace. Mitch McConnell committed a judicial heist and blames Obama for his crime. The anti-Trump Right has become Trump’s base. You can download Archaeology: The Discipline of Things by Bjornar Olsen, Michael Shanks, Timothy Webmoor, and Christopher Witmore (2012).

Trump, deal maker? Not so fast. Donald Trump is bad at negotiating: We need to talk about Trump’s inability to credibly commit. “Ready, fire, aim”: Critics see pattern to Trump’s approach. What happens when a bad-tempered, distractible doofus runs an empire? Jonathan Bernstein on how Trump’s ineptitude is no joke. Trump’s staggering incompetence: Is this terrifying bumbler the GOP’s secret weapon? The Trump White House’s incompetence comes through, in ways trivial and tragic. These days Republicans do ideology and politics, but just don’t do policy. Don’t blame Trump’s advisers for Trump: The tendency to look for a puppet master behind Trump’s actions is misguided. Can we still talk about Donald Trump acting like a toddler?

The hardest job in the world: What if the problem isn’t the president — it’s the presidency? The problem isn’t Donald Trump — it’s the American presidency. Has the American presidency become overwhelmed by its ever-expanding powers? Karen J. Greenberg reviews The Impossible Presidency: The Rise and Fall of America’s Highest Office by Jeremi Suri. From Boston Review, Elaine Kamarck on the devolution of the modern president: Trump may be egregious, but he is also a symptom of a much bigger problem facing modern presidents — the inability to govern; and William Howell and Terry M. Moe on why the president needs more power: The Founding Fathers didn’t design Congress to solve national problems in the national interest.

Paulina Ochoa Espejo (Haverford): Why Borders Do Matter Morally: The Role of Place in Immigrants’ Rights. Whose interests should matter when deciding a nation’s border policy? Campbell Brown takes a moral look at border control. Lea Ypi (LSE): Borders of Class: Migration and Citizenship in the Capitalist State. Ashwini Vasanthakumar (King’s College): Privatizing Border Control. Steven Levy goes inside Anduril, Palmer Luckey’s bid to build a border wall. Climate change sparked the border migration crisis: The Northern Triangle’s agricultural crisis has been more than a decade in the making.

Michelle Garcia on the border and the American imagination: The latest horror at the border was centuries in the making. F. Cartwright Weiland on border wall foundations. Elizabeth Shakman Hurd on the Border President. Trump brings the contradictions of life at the border to the surface. Libby Watson on how crossing the border became a crime. Breaking border laws is as American as it gets. What it costs to be smuggled across the U.S. border. Victoria Ochoa: “I’m from the border. The news is getting it wrong”.