Stephen M. Griffin (Tulane): Presidential Impeachment in Partisan Times: The Historical Logic of Informal Constitutional Change. Don’t absolve Trump of his impeachable offenses. Auntie Maxine Waters issues proposal to Trump: Quit so I can stop calling for your impeachment. Harry Reid says Trump is damaging the country but warns against impeachment. How not to remove a president: Democrats who want to impeach Trump can learn a lot from the Republicans’ failed effort to oust Bill Clinton two decades ago. Please stop predicting the end of Trump’s presidency — unless you can explain exactly how he gets impeached or why he resigns. Greg Sargent on how to end the Trump presidency.

The myth of an ending: Dylan Matthews on why even removing Trump from office won’t save American democracy.

Can America’s two tribes learn to live together? Robert Wright on why pure reason won’t end American tribalism. Is the two-party system doomed? A new study shows us what observation should already have made clear — a messy restructuring of America’s political parties is coming. The contract with authoritarianism: The political divide in the United States now separates people by how open or closed their minds are. It’s time for the United States to divorce before things get dangerous. The great lesson of California in America’s new civil war: Peter Leyden on why there’s no bipartisan way forward at this juncture in our history — one side must win.

John E. Stewart (VUB): The Self-Organizing Society: A Grower’s Guide (“Can a human society be constrained in such a way that self-organization will thereafter tend to produce outcomes that advance the goals of the society?”). John Gardner (Oxford): Discrimination: The Good, the Bad, and the Wrongful. The #ToddlerinChief thread is one year old. Kanye West and President Trump’s Twitter lovefest, explained (and more and more). Mulvaney to bankers: Here’s how the game works. The case against John Doe, American jihadist: How a U.S. citizen captured on the battlefield with ISIS may finally force America to confront the legacy of 9/11. As Trump’s credibility crashes, the world starts to ignore him. Everyone wants “power” — everyone thinks someone else has it.

The Trump administration is sabotaging the refugee program. Should Trump’s bigotry disqualify his travel ban? Why dozens of national security experts have come out against Trump’s travel ban. Trump’s Muslim ban is America at its worst.

A celebrity philosopher explains the populist insurgency: Peter Sloterdijk has spent decades railing against the pieties of liberal democracy — now his ideas seem prophetic. Sean Illing interviews Yascha Mounk, author of The People vs. Democracy: Why Our Freedom is in Danger (and more and more and more). Rick Valelly reviews How Democracies Die by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt. New study finds increase in support for democracy — but weaker support among politically disengaged and conservatives. David Remnick on Donald Trump and the stress test of liberal democracy. William A. Galston on the populist challenge to liberal democracy. Ganesh Sitaraman on the three crises of liberal democracy.

White supremacy is the Achilles heel of American democracy: Even in a high-tech era, fears about minority political agency are the most reliable way to destabilize the U.S. political system. If we treat plutocracy as democracy, democracy dies. Beyond electoralism: Reflections on anarchy, populism, and the crisis of electoral politics by a collective of anarchist geographers. Nowhere is somewhere: Siobhan Kattago on solidarity and the space between nations. Democracy continues its disturbing retreat. Don’t kid yourself — the future is bleak.

Justin Landy, Daniel Walco, and Daniel M. Bartels (Chicago): What’s Wrong with Using Steroids? Exploring Whether and Why People Oppose the Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs. The ridiculous saga of Lance Armstrong, the cheater who became an enemy of the state. Are physical limits all in our heads? We are nowhere close to the limits of athletic performance: Genetic engineering will bring us new Bolts and Shaqs. Rognvaldur D. Ingthorsson (Lund): Is Competitive Elite Sport Really Morally Corrupt? Andrew Potter on high performance sports and the cult of execution: A response to the Krauthammer Conjecture. Regarding the pain of others: Nathaniel Friedman on sports injuries and mortality.

The tradition of conspiracy theories and hate groups behind the alt-Right: J.C. Pan reviews Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump by David Neiwert. How the alt-Right uses social science to make racism respectable: It’s a strategy long in the making. The forgotten man: John Ganz on Murray Rothbard, philosophical harbinger of Trump and the alt-Right. The racist right looks left: At Richard Spencer’s secret conference, white supremacists denounce corporate capitalism. As the “alt-Right” strays from its roots, will it turn to open fascism? Behemoth and Leviathan: Harrison Fluss and Landon Frim on the fascist bestiary of the alt-Right.

Russian attempts to woo American white supremacists have backfired. The alt-Right is recruiting depressed people. Financial troubles, lawsuits, trailer park brawls — has the alt-Right peaked?

Jennifer L. Doleac (Virginia) and Anita Mukherjee (Wisconsin): The Moral Hazard of Lifesaving Innovations: Naloxone Access, Opioid Abuse, and Crime. Patrick Greenough (St Andrews): Neutralism and Conceptual Engineering. Fired Atlantic writer Kevin Williamson is mad his bad pitch was rejected. Conservatives keep sparking “free speech” battles — when a Muslim professor tweeted about racism, guess what happened? President Erdogan is turning Turkey into Putin’s Russia. Bob Bauer reviews A Higher Loyalty by James Comey. Mathieu Magnaudeix on President Macron’s trouble at home. Jill Lepore on the right way to remember Rachel Carson. “Not giving a shit takes the wind out of an asshole’s sails”: Sean Illing interviews Robert Sutton, author of The Asshole Survival Guide.

They spewed hate — then they punctuated it with the president’s name. People voted for Trump because they were anxious, not poor. What happens to politics when crazy has a seat at the table? The president as cult leader: Even if Trump fires Mueller or leads us into war, his supporters will still obey his every word. Trapped in the White House: Many Trump aides are too “toxic” to get jobs. How long can Trump’s long con last? Trump has exaggerated his wealth for years — in office, he’s trying a similar scam. Conservatives: Trump crimes are none of our business. Shrugging off Trump scandals, evangelicals look to rescue G.O.P. Donald Trump stole Ted Cruz’s dignity — but some Republicans have held on to theirs. The Ronny Jackson mess perfectly sums up the Trump presidency.

Pankaj Mishra on the crisis in modern masculinity: Luridly retro ideas of what it means to be a man have caused a dangerous rush of testosterone around the world. Donald Trump, master of the masculine shrill: The celebrity has replaced the hero in our image-based politics — and now we’ve got one on steroids. The rise of male supremacist groups: Stephanie Russell-Kraft on how age-old misogyny morphed into an explicit ideology of hate. Where have all the real men gone? Magazine cover features “beta males” and Chad is very upset. Facebook post by Toronto van attack suspect suggests his rampage was fueled by frustration towards women. Luke Barnes on the virulently misogynistic online community linked to the Toronto van attack suspect. Incels, Chads and Stacys: Decoding the Toronto van attacker’s misogynistic slang. “Masculinity can be a cult”: Real talk from Terry Crews on misogyny.

Lloyd H Robertson (Athabasca): Male Stigma: Emotional and Behavioral Effects of a Negative Social Identity on a Group of Canadian Men. Behind bars in Texas, I saw masculinity in all its violence and vulnerability — was this the war that men had primed me for? Joseph Heath on how our culture treats boys. How to raise a boy: Fatherly, a platform for dads, threw a brunch to talk about men in the age of #MeToo. Boys to men: Teaching and learning about masculinity in an age of change.

The flip-flopper-in-chief: From TPP to Syria, Trump and his administration change positions from day to day. Ryan Zinke is opening up public lands — just not at home (and more). Scott Pruitt’s scandal clone: Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is the latest Trump official to be accused of extravagant travel costs and cozying up to industry. Ronan Farrow goes inside Rex Tillerson’s ouster. The wrongest man in Washington: How Larry Kudlow has taken the Trump administration’s dysfunction to a new level. Trump economist Kevin Hassett: Tax cuts are trickling down to you. David Cole on Jeff Sessions, Trump’s Inquisitor. McMaster and Commander: Can a national-security adviser retain his integrity if the President has none? Susan Glasser on how Jim Mattis became Trump’s “last man standing”.

“It's as if they’re in a contest to see who can be the most evil. For the moment, it looks like Pruitt is in the lead”.