Andrew Stuttaford

  • Q&A: Stieg Larsson's Ghost Speaks

    STIEG LARSSON: What model Ouija board are we on?

    BOOKFORUM: Hasbro.

    SL: I like to know the hardware. I always kept my readers informed about the technology Lisbeth was using. Always.

    BF: They certainly liked something that you were doing. More than thirty million copies sold. Shocked?

    SL: Well, we Swedes try to be modest. Still, read the books carefully. You can see that I liked what I had written. I’d planned ten Salander books in all, you know.

    BF: She’d have been your Miss Marple. Some say—how can I put this?—that your death, nearly seven years ago now, boosted sales.

    SL: Like Elvis?