Democracy for all

Anna Luhrmann (Gothenburg) et al.: V-Dem Annual Democracy Report 2018​: Democracy for All? Mohammad Ali Kadivar (BC) and Adaner Usmani and Benjamin Bradlow (Brown): The Long March: Deep Democracy in Cross-National Perspective. Brandon Gorman (SUNY-Albany), Ijlal Naqvi (SMU), and Charles Kurzman (UNC): Who Doesn’t Want Democracy? A Multilevel Analysis of Elite and Mass Attitudes. Nate Breznau (Bremen) and Carola Hommerich (Hokkaido): No Generalizable Effect of Income Inequality on Public Support

Paper Trail

Prince’s memoir The Beautiful Ones, which was announced just before his death in 2016, will be published by Random House in October. “Spanning from his childhood to his final days as one of the most successful musical acts of all time,” The Guardian reports that the book will include “Prince’s unfinished manuscript alongside photos from


Learning from Beyoncé

Kevin AllredBeyoncé Knowles-Carter makes perfect pop songs that also lend themselves to nuanced discussion of race, gender, sexuality, class, feminism, social justice, and so much more. For the past decade, I have

Daily Review

You Better Work

If I see Joan Didion’s packing list on Instagram one more time, I’m going to scream. And then I am absolutely going to click. We all have our baggage, we just want to know how to organize it. What if a streamlined suitcase is the missing link, the unheralded key to


Nancy K. Miller

Nancy K, Miller is a veteran feminist academic—an early scholar of French feminist literature at Columbia, the first full-time tenured member of the Women’s Studies Program at Barnard College and its first director, and now Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the CUNY Graduate Center. All of this history flows into her recent book My Brilliant Friends, a piece of hybrid autobiographical criticism about her friendships with the scholars Carolyn Heilbrun, Naomi Schor, and Diane Middlebrook.


Bookforum: "Fool That I Am"


A Writer for Our Time

Joshua Sperling

In the mid 1970s John Berger began a new life—and a new family—in a small mountain village outside Geneva in the Haute-Savoie. He was close to fifty. At first he and Beverly Bancroft did not live in the village of Quincy itself, but up the road in an old farmhouse.