Trying to say

Dien Ho (MCPHS): Love in the Time of Antibiotic Resistance: How Altruism Might Be Our Best Hope. Andrea Onofri (Graz): The Publicity of Thought. A new committee with Lech Walesa, 2018: Leszek Budrewicz on the limitations of the continuing struggle for democracy in Poland. What men are trying to say when they show off their Female Relationship Resume. Who’s afraid of Judith Shklar? Meet the American philosopher who showed that Western politics could only move forward by first taking a step backward.

Paper Trail

A lawsuit has been filed against the creators of S-Town. The estate of John B. McLemore alleges that McLemore, the focus of the podcast, “didn’t give permission to broadcast the intimate details of his sexual orientation, mental state and other aspects of his life.” Marlon James, Victore LaValle, Danzy Senna and more tell the New


The Roots of the Alt-right

Mike WendlingDuring the last presidential election cycle, you may have read reports describing the alt-right—a loosely organized group of anti-PC, anti-feminist, race-obsessed online warriors—as a strange, newly

Daily Review


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest recorded use of the word “honky-tonk” dates to 1899, in the Fort Worth Daily Gazette. “A petition to the council is being circulated for signatures, asking that the Honky Tonk theater on Main Street be reopened,”


Keith Gessen

Keith Gessen’s timely and hilarious new novel, A Terrible Country, arrives ten years after his first, All the Sad Young Literary Men. The story follows Andrei Kaplan, an overeducated, underemployed young academic as he relocates to Moscow to look after his sick grandmother in the summer of 2008. Over the course of the year, Andrei cares for his grandmother, plays hockey, befriends revolutionaries, and falls in love.


The Man Without a Nation

Amitava Kumar

The one activity that was perhaps the most stable part of my identity that first semester was the seminar I was taking with Ehsaan Ali. His class Colonial Encounters was held on Friday afternoons. The seminar participants required his special permission to join.