Fall/Winter 1995

    • Peter Plagens on Frank Stella: An Illustrated Biography, by

    • Francis M. Naumann on A Boatload of Madmen: Surrealism and the American Avant-Garde 1920-1950, by

    • Arthur C. Danto on Diderot on Art: Salon of 1765 and Notes on Painting, vol. I, and Salon of 1767, vol. II, by Denis Diderot. Trans. and notes by John Goodman

    • Bruce Hainley on Man Ray, 1890-1976, with and

    • Lisa Liebmann on Air: 24 Hours/Jennifer Bartlett, by and Chuck Close/Life and Work 1988-1955, by

    • Douglas Coupland on Adult Comedy Action Drama, by

    • Collier Schorr on Bunny's Honeys: , Queen of Pin-up Photography, by Bunny Yeager

    • Rhonda Lieberman on The Beauty Trip, by

    • Guy Trebay on Icons, by

    • Nan Goldin on Untitled, by

    • Richard Martin on Men in Black, by

    • Richard Flood on Hitchcock on and Interviews, ed. Sidney Gottlieb

    • Andrew Solomon on George Costakis: A Russian Life in Art, by and The Ransom of Russian Art, by

    • David Frankel on Stuck Rubber Baby, by

    • David Carrier on Richard Deacon, by and Jimmie Durham, by and Antony Gormley, by and Jessica Stockholder, by and

    • Norman Bryson on To Destroy Painting, by

    • Thelma Golden on But Is It Art?: The Spirit of Art as Activism, by Believing Is Seeing: Creating the Culture of Art, by Finding Art's Place: Experiments in Contemporary Education and Culture, by Whose Art Is It?, by

    • Anders Stephanson on Twilight Memories: Marking Time in a Culture of Amnesia, by