Power the Green New Deal

From Vox, David Roberts on the Green New Deal, explained. Why a Green New Deal is a great idea: It links public responsibility, ecological sanity, and economic justice at a moment of manifest political irresponsibility. John Quiggin on the Green New Deal: “The most important demand should be a reduction in working hours, with no offsetting change in wages”. We need more than solar and wind to power the Green New Deal. Stephanie Kelton, Andres Bernal, and Greg Carlock on how we can pay for a Green

Paper Trail

Jill Abramson, the former executive editor of the New York Times and the author of the new book Merchants of Truth, talks with Isaac Chotiner about moral change in the media, and about how journalism (especially local journalism) will survive after the “Trump bump.” Book deals this week: Random House paid six figures for the


Outrageous Clarity: The Fictions of Amélie Nothomb

Charlotte ShaneWith Amélie Nothomb’s latest, Strike Your Heart, the Francophone author of twenty-five books seems to have finally found some of the American attention she deserves. (I’m basing this assessment in part

Daily Review

Declaration of Independence

Like democracy (and reading), documentary filmmaking involves the art of listening. Whenever I begin working on a new project, I have to relearn how to actually hear what the person in front of me is saying.


A. S. Hamrah

With his collection The Earth Dies Streaming: Film Writing, 2002—2018(n+1 Books, 2018), A. S. Hamrah joins the ranks of Manny Farber, Serge Daney, Renata Adler and other masters in the art of passionately caring about the cinema without buying into its illusions.


Bookforum: "Bleeding Hearts"


The Great Divide: Russia and the West

Tony Wood

The events of the past few years have created a glaring divide between Russia and the West, How and why did this happen, In the West, the story of how relations with Russia descended to their current abysmal level is often told as one of an ominous drift, under Putin, back toward a Soviet-style showdown between Moscow and its former adversaries—prompting many to conclude that the two sides found themselves waging a ‘New Cold War’.