Soon-to-be-memoirist John Cleese.

Lena Dunham’s forthcoming advice book, Not That Kind of Girl, has sold for $3.7 million to Random House. In addition to chapters on love, friendship, and work, the book will also include “an account of some radically and hilariously inappropriate ways I have been treated at work/by professionals because of my age and gender.”

Riot Grrrl fans and library nerds take note: for their October issue, The Believer asked Lisa Darms, a senior archivist at NYU’s Fales Library, to curate a selection of her favorite documents and ephemera from the library’s Riot Grrrl collection. The good stuff is behind a paywall, but it’s worth picking up a copy of the issue for.

Contrary to one rumor, critic Clive James is not only alive and well—he’s also translating Dante’s Inferno.

When he’s not working on essays, Nicholson Baker has been writing and performing protest songs in his barn in rural Maine. His most recent releases are about military involvement in South Korea and Libya, NATO involvement in Afghanistan, and Army whistleblower Bradley Manning.

Monty Python co-founder John Cleese is writing a memoir, which was sold to Random House on Monday. The author, now 72, remarked that “it’s the perfect moment to look back on my life in anticipation of the next fifty years.”

The Merchant of Venison, The Things They Curried, Consider the Red Lobster and A Good Flan is Hard to Find are three of our favorite suggestions for the Twitter hashtag #literaryrestaurants.

Margaret Atwood

At Slate, Noah Gallagher Shannon dives into the Cormac McCarthy archives, turning up letters, an early draft of Blood Meridian, and a recipe for gunpowder.

Take a pencil (make that two) on the airplane. Also, do back exercises: Margaret Atwood offers up ten rules for writers. (Plus more from Zadie Smith.)

The Guardian’s poetry doctor is in: Tell William Sieghart what ails you, and the Forward Prize-winning poet will prescribe you a lyrical cure.

Justin Cronin is an Iowa Writers’ Workshop graduate, PEN/Hemingway Award-winner, and all-around literary guy who just happened to get swept up in the vampire-novel craze. It’s made him a millionaire. Still, he's not ready for you to use the word vampire in his presence.

The New Yorker festival is in full swing, and the magazine’s blog is posting video highlights featuring the likes of Lena Dunham, Alison Bechdel, and Ben Stiller, as well as a panel on rereading David Foster Wallace, and an explanation for why Obama’s debate performance was so bad.