Kwame Anthony Appiah

Richard Nash's new publishing venture, Cursor, will be launched this spring with Lynne Tillman’s story collection Someday This Will Be Funny. Nash has big plans to adapt to the rapidly changing publishing industry, and they go beyond e-books: “I don’t know whether this is grandiose or insane or whatever, but I am trying to change about 18 different things at once."

Amazon has announced that the Kindle will soon allow you to lend e-books.

The Virginia Quarterly Review is blogging again after a three-month hiatus following managing editor Kevin Morrissey's suicide and a subsequent investigation into the journal's work environment and finances. According to the Review's first post, the magazine plans to be up and running again within the next few weeks. In the meantime, they've posted a new interview with Canadian author Alice Munro.

Bookslut, Book Strumpet, Book Vixen, Book Whore, Bookgasm, Book Lust, Book Shelf Porn, Book Gigolo: MobyLives ponders the sexual names of literary websites and the future of print.

Tonight, Kwame Anthony Appiah will read from his new book, The Honor Code. In a recent interview with Bookforum, Appiah said, "The striking thing about honor killings is that you get killed for things that aren’t even under your control."