Melissa Franklin

The New York Times has published a short, vaguely squeamish profile of Jaimy Gordon, whose novel Lord of Misrule was the underdog winner of a 2010 National Book Award. “Ms. Gordon, who has a graduate degree in writing from Brown but also spent time working at a racetrack and briefly lived with an ex-convict who set fire to their apartment, has never been very conventional.”

Novelist Rick Moody—who we believe is the author of the best outer-space sex scene ever—and physicist Melissa Franklin recently participated in the Rubin Museum’s “Talk About Nothing” series, discussing Samuel Beckett (and black holes) from a slightly Buddhist perspective.

Peter Handke, the Austrian novelist best-known for his innovative fiction and for his admiration of Slobodan Milosevic, complains about contemporary American novelists and their “knitting pattern” fiction.

Andrew Shaffer recycles the “13 Most Obnoxious Publishing Stories of 2010.”

Last September, the Defense Department spent almost $50,000 to destroy copies of former Defence Intelligence Agency officer Anthony A. Shaffer’s memoir, Operation Dark Heart. Now, Shaffer is filing a lawsuit.