Christian Hawkey

Robert Silvers of The New York Review of Books, David Remnick of The New Yorker, and other editors respond to the recent discussions about the “dearth of female bylines.”

Apple is planning to unveil the iPad 2 on March 2, leaving less than a week for breathless speculation about what the new features will be. We’re pretty sure that whatever they come up with will be dubbed “revolutionary.”

In anticipation of David Foster Wallace’s forthcoming The Pale King, you can listen to the BBC’s recent radio doc about the novelist (via Flavorwire), which feature interviews with Don DeLillo, Rick Moody, and others. “This isn’t Sylvia Plath, this isn’t someone who just created this work around a melancholy, this is someone who created something almost Joycean,” says author Mark Costello of Wallace’s work. “So you have to be very reductive” to look at Wallace’s work only in terms of his suicide.

Harper’s Bizarre”: The New York Observer gives an overview of the magazine’s saga.

NYC to-do list: Tonight at the New School, the National Book Foundation presents “Lineage: American Poetry Since 1950,” a panel including Elizabeth Alexander, Tony Hoagland, and the excellent poet-critic Stephen Burt, who will discuss some of the best poets from the past sixty years. If you want to hear some actual poetry, we suggest heading out to Queens’s Space Space, where Dara Wier, Christian Hawkey, and Douglas Piccinnini will read their work.