Longshot—a publication that corrals “thousands of writers, editors, artists, photographers, programmers, videographers, and other creatives from all around the world” to put together a magazine in 48 hours—has released its second issue, on debt.

How similar is literary writing to the spoken vernacular? Ben Zimmer goes digging through the Corpus of Contemporary American English to come up with an answer.

Filmmaker Terry Gilliam is working on an adaptation of Paul Auster's novel Mr. Vertigo.

Despite the demands of higher education and anxiety about the internet, Alan Jacobs argues that “serious ‘deep attention’ reading has always been and will always be a minority pursuit, a fact that has been obscured in the past half-century.”

When author Malie Meloy was ten, she asked her parents for a bike. They agreed—on the condition that she read ten classic novels and write book reports on them.