Harold Bloom

A Facebook group titled “I Hate Reading” has 442,551 (and counting) more supporters than it should. Abe Books responds with a “We Hate the I Hate Reading Page” video.

As if writers didn’t have enough to stress about, a new Amazon feature called Author Central lets authors check their print sales figures by city and region.

Tom Perrotta’s forthcoming novel about being left behind after the Rapture has already been optioned for an HBO series. The Leftovers will come out with St. Martin’s Press at the end of the month.

“I met you in a Chinese restaurant in Juniper Park. You ordered General Tso’s Chicken and we talked about horseback riding briefly.” Brooklyn artist Sophie Blackall’s ethereal illustrations of Craigslist Missed Connections are now available in book form.

The editors of the 2011 Best New Poets anthology have selected the cream of this year’s crop, which includes Brittany Cavallaro, Rebecca Hazelton, Ansel Elkins, and Scott Abels, author of the poem, “As Rambo Lay Dying.”

On the occasion of the publication of his thirty-eighth book, Scott Horton chats with Harold Bloom.