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May 7, 2013 @ 7:04:00 pm

Niall Ferguson

Dexter star Michael C. Hall is adapting Matthew Specktor’s novel American Dream Machine for a project that will eventually air on Showtime.

While speaking at a conference last week, Harvard historian Niall Ferguson blamed our current financial crisis on the economic policies of Maynard Keynes, then noted that because Keynes was gay and did not want children, the economist lacked foresight and opted for short-term fixes over long-term solutions for economic problems. He has since apologized.

Martin Amis moved to Brooklyn two years ago, and according to the London Evening Standard, he hasn’t been impressed with life in the borough. “He finds it terribly transactional and, ironically given he was viewed as a literary hipster, he views the Brooklyn hipster scene as populated by conventional posers,” an unnamed “man on the corner” told the paper. “He doesn’t go out as much as he did and has developed a reputation as a curmudgeon.”

Slate debutsThe Great Gatsby: The Video Game” with the tagline “can you reach the green light and attain the American dream?”

The Navajo nation has named Luci Tapahonso as their first-ever Poet Laureate.

The Freud Museum in London has launched a fundraising campaign to come up with the five thousand pounds necessary to restore “possibly the most famous piece of furniture in the world”—the couch in Freud’s counselling room.