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Jun 17, 2013 @ 12:32:00 am

Marie Calloway

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Barton Gellman has signed a deal with Penguin Press to write a book about the expansion of government surveillance programs in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Gellman recently co-authored an article for the Washington Post about the NSA security leak and the existence of a massive internet surveillance program called Prism.

Marie Calloway sits down for the Nervous Breakdown’s Six Question Sex Interview and talks about Silvia Federici, childhood masturbation, and the relationship between social anxiety and unfulfilling sex.

Neil Gaiman is taking a “sabbatical” from social media. Speaking to the Guardian, he announced that he’ll be taking six months off to ”concentrate on my day job: making things up."

The words “tweet,” “e-reader” and “crowdsourcing” are now in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Avril Danica Haines, recently appointed to be the second-in-command at the CIA, may have worked in the White House counsel’s office, but the Daily Beast saw fit to highlight another aspect of her professional history: As Laura Miller succinctly put it at Salon, “If by any chance you were heartened by the news that the new No. 2 official at the CIA is not only female but also used to co-own an independent bookstore (and therefore might harbor some flickering belief in civil liberties), the Daily Beast is on hand to harsh your buzz.”

Greece has shut down its entire public broadcasting system, the ERT, allegedly in response to EU demands to shed 2,000 civil servants by the summer’s end. But as protesters flanked the corporation’s headquarters in Athens, TV and radio journalists refused to go quietly: as of last week, many have continued broadcasting online and on digital frequencies.