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Mar 17, 2010 @ 6:00:00 am

Tony Judt

Scholar Tony Judt's book Ill Fares the Land goes on sale tomorrow. It was rushed to print by The Penguin Press (and rushed to review in the Times), presumably because Judt is suffering from ALS, which he has eloquently chronicled in the New York Review of Books. He's also been blogging his memoirs lately, including this intriguing piece about sexual politics in academia, Girls! Girls! Girls!

The Book Examiner Michelle Kerns lists the 20 most annoying book reviewer clichés. Learn them by heart and you, too, could lead the “compelling” and “poignant” life of a literary critic, and host “riveting” bingo games.

A dispatch from the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.

Emory University is preserving Salman Rushdie's archives, including four of his computers (one sticky with spilled soda). Archivists are struggling with how to preserve the precious zeros and ones within born-digital materials, like John Updike's 5 1/4 inch floppy disks, and Rushdie's virtual Post-It notes. 

Sam Lipsyte reads from The Ask in front of a packed house at Brooklyn's Book Court bookstore.