paper trail

Mar 23, 2010 @ 6:01:00 am

Has the iPad been naughty? Apple has demanded that companies with early access to the tablet computer subject it to strict, dominatrix-style treatment: "The companies must agree to keep the iPad hidden from public view, chained to tables in windowless rooms." And—no suprise here—Amazon wasn't given an early iPad, though they plan to have a Kindle iPad app ready shortly after the April 3rd release date.

This morning at 10:30am, Susan Howe, BOMB’s Poetry Contest judge, will be live on the Internet.

The American Prospect explains why the National Enquirer shouldn't win a Pulitzer Prize.

The two-volume Oxford Companion to the Book, weighing in at twelve pounds, crushed our Kindle senseless and upended a precariously placed cup of coffee as it arrived on our desk with a commanding thud. Originally conceived in the mid-1990s, the tome is old-media porn, with an ornately patterned slipcase, gold embossed binding, and ribbon placeholder. We've considered covering our copy in plastic to protect it from outpourings of bibliophile drool.