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Mar 30, 2011 @ 9:00:00 am

Ron Silliman

The schedule for the 2011 PEN World Voices festival has been posted.

Poet Ron Silliman is ending his influential blog after an eight-year run (though he leaves the possibility of returning open). Silliman writes, “what was once the newest thing on the block has by now become normative, even predictable. Blogs continue to have their uses, but in web time nothing stands still as a form,” writing that he plans to spend more time on his own writing, and using Twitter to share links; if you’re following him there, prepare for a deluge of updates.

What is the New York Times’s policy on potentially offensive tweets? From Poynter, a fascinating exchange on the subject.

Just in time for National Poetry Month, poetry gets the Oprah treatment: “Modeling the latest looks, eight rising poets express their dynamic personal styles—and show you how to cultivate your own.”

Tonight at McNally Jackson Books, this year’s National Book Award winner for fiction, Jaimy Gordon, will appear with novelist Jayne Anne Phillips.