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Mar 5, 2010 @ 5:59:00 am

Literary Man of the Hour, Lorin Stein named editor of the Paris Review

FSG's Lorin Stein has been named as The Paris Review's new editor and will start in April. This is a wise hire: Stein not only has good taste, he's knowledgeable about the book market (Roberto Bolaño had a devoted following before FSG started publishing him, but Stein made the Chilean author into the phenomenon he is today). Stein is also well-connected, having worked with authors like Denis Johnson, Sam Lipstye, and Lydia Davis. Oh, and last but not least, he's fun at parties, which means that he will keep a spark of George Plimpton's legacy alive.

David Foster Wallace's work continues to inspire obsession, some of it quite worthwhile. Take, for instance, Ryan Walsh's exhaustive The David Foster Wallace Audio Project.

In an excerpt from his forthcoming memoir, Christopher Hitchens recalls conversations with Martin Amis on the topic of womanhood. Who knew that Money's bordello scene was based on "research"?

Sarah Palin is working on her next book: a "celebration of American virtues and strengths."

What Tina Brown is reading.