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May 28, 2010 @ 9:08:00 am

The march of Penguin: the publisher has finally reached an agreement with Amazon to get their books on the Kindle. 

As BEA ended yesterday, the Expo's director announced that it will go back to a three-day format next year. That's good news for international attendees, who find that two days just isn't enough time, and good news for those fed up with the crammed main aisles, though there was one place to get away from the jostling crowds—the eerily quiet Digital Book Zone. At New York magazine's Vulture blog, Boris Kachka detected a "dystopian mood of the attendees and the panels," but the mood was lighter at Thursday's breakfast hosted by Jon Stewart, who kept the audience laughing with zingers, especially one directed at some long-winded advice seekers during the audience Q&A: "Does anyone have a question where we don't end up having to help you people?" 

Caustic book critic James Morrison chats with Flavorwire about the best and worst in book cover design.