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Niela Orr on Robyn Crawford’s memoir of Whitney Houston; Sarah M. Broom in conversation with Imani Perry

Sarah M. Broom. Photo: Hal Williamson

New York Times editor Jazmine Hughes is taking on a new role, in which she will be writing full time for the paper and for the New York Times Magazine.

At The Believer Logger, Niela Orr writes about Whitney Houston’s friendship with Robyn Crawford. Reviewing Crawford’s memoir, A Song for You, Orr observes: “In its resistance to tell all, the book is a marvelous document of the closet, of bi-erasure, romantic longing, unrequited love, queer subtext, and textual elusiveness.”

The Wall Street Journal reports on a new generation of audio content, as publications scramble to create listenable versions of their articles and stories. The Times is training their reporters to read in an appealing way, while the BBC is using “humanlike reader technology” with a “soft Northern English accent.”

At The Nation, Jaime Chu examines the early days of the Wuhan COVID-19 outbreak and considers the limitations of the pandemic diary.

Tonight, via Zoom, Malaprop’s Bookstore and Cafe and the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance will host Sarah M. Broom and Imani Perry in conversation about Broom’s The Yellow House.