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  • print • Dec/Jan 2009


    Disquiet by Julia Leigh • Ceridwen Dovey

    ... opens with Olivia and her two young children, Andrew and Lucy, forcing their way into the gardens of an isolated château in the French countryside. Having traveled from Australia to escape an abusive...

  • culture • December 01, 2009

    A Good Fall by Ha Jin

    Andrew Martin

    ... cast of Chinese immigrants, express their feelings and the reasons for them bluntly. “I’d had two girlfriends before, but each had left me,” states the young man narrating the story “Choice,” and...

  • papertrail • November 22, 2013

    NYPL acquires Tom Wolfe's archives; How to buy your way on to the NYT bestseller list

    ...—money that will go toward supporting the work of young writers and artists. The most highly priced item in the collection was a pencil and water color sketch by John Constable, which went for £662...

  • papertrail • May 31, 2016

    David Mitchell buries his new novel

    ... David Mitchell (Cloud Atlas, by the New York Public Library of the Performing Arts. Andrew Solomon offers

  • culture • July 30, 2012

    "College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be" by Andrew Delbanco

    Steven Brint

    ... worth more, relative to the high school degree, than it is today. Bill Gates and President Obama call for a doubling of the proportion of young adults with college degrees over the next decade. We...

  • print • Feb/Mar 2009

    The Theory of Light and Matter

    The Theory of Light and Matter by Andrew Porter • David Haglund

    ...Hole, the opening story in Andrew Porters debut collection, The Theory of Light and Matter, draws a blueprint for the nine that follow: A young man looks back on his suburban childhood...

  • papertrail • August 01, 2017

    Claudia Rankine on the legacy of Gwendolyn Brooks; Why MTV abandoned longform

    ...Mic examines MSNBC’s thwarted into a centrist news channel. Chairman Andrew Lack had been planning to reorganize the network and increase its ratings by cancelling opinion-based programming in...

  • culture • February 04, 2013

    Mad Girl’s Love Song by Andrew Wilson

    Emma Komlos-Hrobsky

    ... Even when discussion of Plath’s biography gets beyond her death, it often eddies around the years that Plath knew Hughes, to the neglect of the other two-thirds of her life. Enter Andrew Wilson...

  • papertrail • March 11, 2014

    New York Times launches new blog; the fine print of Amtrak's residency program

    ...’s a particularly effective way, when used in moderate doses, of explaining reality to people,” according to the site’s managing editor, David Leonhardt. In the New Yorker, Andrew Solomon http...

  • culture • November 09, 2018

    Football for a Buck by Jeff Pearlman

    Andrew Schenker

    ... more permanent footing had it not been for the meddling of a brash young New York real estate developer. Trump, who bought the New York/New Jersey franchise, the Generals, after the league’s first...