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  • papertrail • May 18, 2012

    May 18, 2012 @ 12:44:00 am

    ...Robert Draper, a contributor to the New York Times Magazine and GQ, has has been added to|, is making...

  • print • Apr/May 2013

    Myth America

    Glenn Frankel’s The Searchers: The Making of an American Legend Ben Schwartz

    ...It’s been forty years since John Ford passed away, but filmmakers continue to wrestle with his legacy. The directors of three recent Oscar contenders-Django Unchained, Lincoln, and Zero...

  • print • Sept/Oct/Nov 2007


    Susan Howe’s poems radiate the new world’s millenarian spirit • John Palattella

    ... capsule description of an errand in the wilderness undertaken by a charismatic figure of the early colonial era, in this case the Puritan minister Jonathan Edwards. This is followed by a personal...

  • print • Summer 2019

    Eyes Wide Shut

    Power, shamelessness, and sex in Washington, DC • Charlotte Shane

    ... be nice to people.” When John Edwards staffer Andrew Young came to town, his colleagues warned him it was “miserable” because “the people here suck.” DC has long been called a fetid swamp full of...

  • print • June/July/Aug 2007

    Empty Handed

    Two books chart the rise and fall of the people of the politicized black athlete • Gerald Early

    ... Smith, winner of the gold medal in the 200 meters, and John Carlos, winner of the bronze, raised black-gloved fists during the playing of the national anthem, something that International Olympic...

  • print • Sept/Oct/Nov 2009

    God, Living Is Enormous

    How might the novelist reconcile fiction and faith—make-believe and must-believe? • Benjamin Anastas

    ... Word,” the opening lines of the Gospel of John instruct, “and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Ever since, the power to capitalize the w has been the prize that nearly every writer...

  • print • Dec/Jan 2015


    Laura Kipnis’s study of the un-fair sex • Kerry Howley

    ... John Edwards, pugnacious author-critic Dale Peck, and a Marxist professor who, upon being denied sex by the author, pronounces Kipnis incurably “bourgeois.” (Idiosyncratic examples aside...

  • print • June/July/Aug 2007

    Nikons and Icons

    Is the aestheticization-of-suffering critique still valid? • David Levi Strauss

    ... scientist Mark Reinhardt and art historians Erina Duganne and Holly Edwards. It includes substantial essays by the three editors, as well as by John Stomberg, deputy director and senior curator of the...

  • print • Apr/May 2012

    Pieces of a Man

    The fragmentary autobiography of an elusive artist • Brent Hayes Edwards

    ... listen to the music of John Lee Hooker, Rufus Thomas, and B. B. King. When his grandmother died unexpectedly in November 1960, Scott-Heron’s life changed dramatically. He was reunited with his...

  • print • Sept/Oct/Nov 2018

    Throne of Games

    Robert Lipsyte casts a cool eye on professional sports • Gene Seymour

    ... sport and extoled Harry Edwards’s leadership of an all-black boycott of the 1968 Summer Olympics, a movement that led to the black-gloved-fist salute to the American flag that subsequently got medal...