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  • papertrail • January 08, 2019

    Sally Rooney wins Costa Novel Award; What Marie Kondo gets wrong about books

    ... Sally Rooney has the company after ten months. There are no plans to find a replacement, and social media editor Mary von Aue has taken over as editorial director. Columbia Journalism...

  • print • Apr/May 2019

    The Socialism Network

    Sally Rooney’s novels of millennial intimacy. • Lauren Oyler

    ...Sally Rooney. Sally Rooney! Sally Rooney, the twenty-eight-year-old Irish novelist celebrated as the “first great millennial author,” is interested in weird relationships, or relationships that...

  • papertrail • January 02, 2019

    What Hollywood gets wrong about publishing; How Sally Rooney thinks

    At The Atlantic, Derek Thompson looks at worrying trends in the media business, noting four in particular: there are “too many players,” a lack of “saviors,” no “clear

  • papertrail • August 28, 2018

    The Flood of New Political Books; McCain's Memoir Climbs Bestseller Lists

    ... climbed to quaint.” The Guardian has posted a profile of Sally Rooney, the twenty-seven-year-old author of Conversations with Friends, and whose new novel, Normal People (out in the US in 2019), is on...

  • papertrail • April 11, 2019

    2019 Guggenheim Fellows announced; Why Sally Rooney is more than a millennial author

    Literary Hub’s Emily Temple writes that it’s time to recognize Sally Rooney as more than just a “millennial writer.” “In the same way that praising novels as ‘timely’

  • print • Summer 2019

    Yard Sale

    On the secret cost of college • Jesse Barron

    ... Sally Rooney’s second novel, Connell, whose mother is a house cleaner, has an affair with Marianne, whose mother employs Connell’s, in their last year of high school. Trinity College-the Harvard of...

  • print • Summer 2019

    The Worst of Everything

    Lauren Mechling’s novel of magazines, class, and backstabbing • Kaitlin Phillips

    ... his actions against women, kneading his transgressions into palatable sound bites for his friends and for himself. Mechling’s book does not delve into these heady conversations, à la Sally Rooney...

  • print • Summer 2019

    Tell Me Everything

    Fiction in the age of radical transparency • Christian Lorentzen

    ...? Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends represents a revolution in the form, because it combines the novel of manners with the novel of adultery by resolving its conflicts (a breakup, marital...