Re'em Segev (HUJ): Justification Under Uncertainty. Daniel Whiting (Southampton): Is Meaning Fraught with Ought? and Should I Believe the Truth? Kate Manne (Harvard): How Desires Might Matter: The Veto Power View. A review of Against Moral Responsibility by Bruce N. Waller. From Quadrant, James Franklin on the lethal philosophy of Peter Singer. Eric Schliesser on Zizek and Kant on philosophical taboos (or: on the demise of philosophical history). From 3:AM, an interview with Simon Blackburn, a groovy humanist philosopher who sticks it to the Pope and thinks respect can’t be taken for granted; an interview with Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra, the de Chirico mannequin of philosophy; and an interview with Huw Price, an ice cool pragmatist philosopher with global expressivist deflationary thoughts that he writes about in his many books. From Homiletic and Pastoral Review, John Young on the value of philosophy: True philosophy throws light on all other forms of knowledge, revealing their relation to each other — with philosophy underpinning them all. Spinoza in Shtreimels: A professor and three Hasidim walk into a bar to study philosophy — true story.