A post-secular world society

A new issue of the Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies is out. From Partecipazione e Conflitto, a special issue on Paths of Research in Religion and Politics. Erica J. Mannucci (UNIMIB): Crossing Boundaries: Cosmopolitanism, Secularism and Words in the Age of Revolutions. Josef Hien (Carlo Alberto): The Return of Religion? The Paradox of Faith-Based Welfare Provision in a Secular Age. Larry Cata Backer (Penn State): The Crisis of Secular Liberalism and the Constitutional State in

Paper Trail

Last week, The Baffler sponsored a debate between David Graeber and Peter Thiel that Thiel’s team called “objectively, a waste of time,” according to the New York Times, which covered the event in Monday’s edition. Baffler editor John Summers was charmed: “I’m thinking we should embrace the tagline for our next event.” Politico reports that



Michael Barron"Writing about music," the saying goes, "is like dancing about architecture." If it's meant to dissuade, the warning has gone unheeded: Over the years, a number of novels about music have ingeniously

Daily Review

Gaza: A History

With so much international attention focused on Gaza, it's finally occurring to many Americans and other Westerners that the region has its own history, and that this history is key to sorting out the present conflict. So in this sense, Jean-Pierre Filiu's Gaza: A History arrives at a propitious moment.


Eula Biss

As Eula Biss began investigating immunity and public health, her interest moved from the question of fear to the question of how to move past it, and into a discussion of social ethics and care: What does an individual body—scared or not—owe the collective body?


On Karen Graham

Justin Vivian Bond

In the new essay collection Icon, writers discuss their relationships with public figures that they've idolized, obsessed over, worried about, and been inspired by. Contributors include Mary Gaitskill (who pays homage to Linda Lovelace), Johanna Fateman (on Andrea Dworkin), and Kate Zambreno (on Kathy Acker), among others. The pieces vividly blend biography and autobiography, moving from tribute to confessional and back again.