Neil Gershenfeld (MIT): How to Make Almost Anything: The Digital Fabrication Revolution. What do swing-state voters think? Michael Massing on why we don’t know. The disgrace of wunderkind writer Jonah Lehrer, outed for manufacturing quotes, reverberates worst in the city he calls home. How to make a book disappear: Jonah Lehrer's discredited Imagine has vanished from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and his publisher's website — why that's bad news for readers. Jonathan Chait on the poetic justice of Romney’s self-immolation. U-2 above all: Whether people recognize it by the Snoopy-like nose or by the flat black paint and red lettering on the tail, the U-2 has become an Air Force reconnaissance icon in its 50 years of military operations. Stop Leftsplaining: Rebecca Solnit on why the left should stop grousing, whining, Eeyoring, and parsing differences with your allies and get about the cheerful business of being heroes. From Highbrow magazine, the view from the Right: An interview with Tucker Carlson; and was Black Panther activist Richard Aoki an FBI informant? Travis Quezon investigates. Soren Bowie on why Obama is the least efficient Antichrist ever.