Guido Palazzo, Franciska Krings, and Ulrich Hoffrage (Lausanne): Ethical Blindness. From NDPR, Charles Guignon reviews Authenticity as an Ethical Ideal by Somogy Varga; and L. Nandi Theunissen reviews Luck, Value, and Commitment: Themes From the Ethics of Bernard Williams. C.G. Prado thinks we’re always stuck with the divide between analytic and continental, and all in all goes deep-fried and heavy. What happens with thinkers who operate outside the European philosophical pedigree? Wittgenstein’s master: AC Grayling reviews Frank Ramsey: A Sister’s Memoir by Margaret Paul. Jacques Vallee on what Ockham really said. Must we mean what we say? Charles Petersen on Stanley Cavell. Who said philosophy isn't glamorous? Italian Glamour Magazine publishes an interview Nigel Warburton. Gerald Bruns reviews Thoreau's Importance for Philosophy.