From The New York Times' "Key Magazine", the end of the housing bubble has one upside, at least: we may start thinking of our houses as homes, not investment assets; to attract young, childless professionals, condo builders sell images of parties, luxury and sex—what the buyers get, however, can be a lot more interesting; and if you want to sell London real estate to a superwealthy Russian, you’d better know what your client wants: opulence, security and, above all, secrecy. What price is right? We all aspire to be "comfortable" in life. But exactly how much does comfort cost, and who can afford it? Believe them and you could end up out of pocket: 50 myths about money. A review of The Plenitude: Creativity, Innovation, and Making Stuff by Rich Gold. Barbara Kingsolver on the blessings of dirty work: Try to appreciate the land that feeds all of us. A review of Hack: How I Stopped Worrying About What to Do with My Life and Started Driving a Yellow Cab by Melissa Plaut. I love my work: Work is not a necessary evil. It is, instead, an intrinsic source of pleasure and value. Why have admen lost their mojo? The advertising business used to be the high-pressure playground of visionaries and scoundrels.