Chad R. Carlson (Eastern Illinois): The Reality of Fantasy Sports: A Metaphysical and Ethical Analysis. Andre Douglas Pond Cummings (Indiana Tech): Junior Seau, Head Trauma, and the NFL's Concussion Problem. With the Washington Redskins finally relevant on a national stage, Dave Zirin argues that Dan Snyder can no longer hide from the bigotry of his team's name. How does the NHL promote safety and allow players to smash each other in the face with their fists? John Rawls was a pretty serious baseball fan — he was just way better at philosophy. The national pastime may be past its time — but those who think it’s boring need to think again. Brazil as the world's 22nd best team: The 2014 hosts are in a stunning slump. Kevin Flixer reviews The Secret Lives of Sports Fans: The Science of Sports Obsession by Eric Simons. If colleges do not act soon to resolve the tensions between commercialism and education in athletics programs, a resolution will be imposed upon them (and more).