Dan Patroc (Romanian Academy): How to Theorize in Humanities. From New York, a special issue on Michael Bloomberg (and more and more). Hyperbolic space for tourists: Viktor Blasjo on how a creature accustomed to Euclidean space would fare in a world of hyperbolic or spherical geometry, and conversely. Joanna Scutts on Dorothea Brande: Wake Up and Live! reveals the connection between the radical individualism of 1930s self-help manuals and fascist politics. Rightbloggers go peacenik on Syria; prefer war with Iran, Obama. Choire Sicha six lesser-known "golden ages" of media, 1991–2005. Chris Arnade on how the wealthy “make mistakes”, the poor go to jail. Roger Angel is one of the world's most brilliant and audacious engineers — could he design the next energy revolution? Testes size correlates with men's involvement in toddler care. From The National Interest, Kim R. Holmes on Syria and the moral follies of humanitarian warfare. Fiona Duncan on the Wintourian Candidate: With high theory and unstable irony, Not Vogue strives to liberate us from the seductions of corporatized fashion. Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari stepped down Sunday at the end of his five-year term, becoming the first democratically elected president in the country’s history to complete his full term in office. Explainer: What is cute aggression? Mike Abu on the exploitation and crushing capitalism of Fashion Week.