Maureen Ryan (Northwestern): Apartment Therapy, Everyday Modernism, Aspirational Disposability. Michael D. Sousa (Denver): Bankruptcy Stigma: A Socio-Legal Study. From World Policy Journal, a special issue on China/India: Faceoff. The first chapter from The Modern Spirit of Asia: The Spiritual and the Secular in China and India by Peter van der Veer. Gustavo Gutierrez of Peru, the founder of liberation theology, the Latin American-inspired Catholic theology advocating for the poor, receives a hero's welcome at the Vatican as the once-criticized movement continues its rehabilitation under Pope Francis. Pope Francis’s first year: How a modest but canny man is approaching the complex task of leading the Roman Catholic church. James Fallows on why cable news should be on a 24-hour delay: The best reactions to breaking news are rarely the first ones. David Wallace-Wells on how Benjamin Kunkel went from novelist to Marxist public intellectual. Dylan Kissane on the real lesson for Eastern Europe from Ukraine. Freed oligarch and Putin foe Mikhail Khodorkovsky defies Kremlin in Kiev. Ukraine troops in Crimea face dilemma: To defect, flee or fight. Let Crimea Go: Next week’s referendum on joining Russia is underhanded, dishonest, absurd — and completely legitimate. Melissa Gira Grant on calling sex work what it is: Villainizing sex workers won’t improve their lives — basic labor rights will. David Bromwich on how Obama became a publicist for his presidency (rather than the president). Are the Democrats getting too liberal? Andrew Kohut investigates.