Martin Muller (Zurich): More-than-Representational Political Geographies. Margaret Levi (CASBS) and Victor A. Menaldo (Washington): The New Economic Institutionalism in Historical Perspective. Giorgos Charalambous (Cyprus): Taking Party Ideology Seriously. Satvinder Juss (King's College) et al: The Environmental and Social Impacts of Dams: Mapping the Issues. Joseph Fishman (Harvard): Creating Around Copyright. Lois L. Shepherd (Virginia): The End of End-of-Life Law. Lisa Disch (Michigan), Bruce Baum (UBC), Samuel A. Chambers (JHU), Lawrie Balfour (Virginia), Joseph Lowndes (Oregon), and George Ciccariello-Maher (Drexel): “The Most Damage I Can Do”: Joel Olson in Political Theory, Political Critique, and Political Activism. Linda S. Mullenix (Texas): Designing Compensatory Funds: In Search of First Principles. From Boston Review, a forum on how finance gutted manufacturing, with an opening essay by Suzanne Berger. Wayne Bivens-Tatum on the plight of the independent scholar. Kyle Chayka on the ideas bubble: Where technology start-ups have disruption, editorial outfits both online and off are now laying claim to a meaningless shibboleth of their own — the idea. Is the current political turmoil of the “information age” revolutionary? Caio Quero wonders. From Forward, Eric Yoffie on 5 reasons why American Jews are standing with Israel. Way too many people still believe these hideous stereotypes about Israelis and Palestinians: Jill Jacobs on the case for radical empathy. Growth has been good for decades, so why hasn’t poverty declined? Rebecca Leber on why cow farts and belches are Obama's next big targets on climate change.