Erik Oddvar Eriksen (Oslo): Three Conceptions of Global Political Justice. Adam James Tebble (King's College): On the Circumstances of Justice. Sorelle A. Friedler (Haverford), Carlos Scheidegger (Arizona), and Suresh Venkatasubramanian (Utah): On the (Im)possibility of Fairness. Branko Milanovic on why it's time to ditch Rawls. Giacomo Degli Antoni (Parma), Marco Faillo and Lorenzo Sacconi (Trento), and Pedro Frances‐Gomez (Granada): Distributive Justice with Production and the Social Contract: An Experimental Study. Jeppe von Platz (Suffolk): Robin Hood Justice: Why Robin Hood Took from the Rich and Gave to the Poor (and We Should Too).

Brookes Brown (UNC): The Uneasy Status of Statism. How political idealism leads us astray: Will Wilkinson reviews The Tyranny of the Ideal: Justice in a Diverse Society by Gerald Gaus (and more and more). Barton Swaim reviews Social Justice Isn't What You Think It Is by Michael Novak and Paul Adams with Elizabeth Shaw.