C. R. G. Murray (Newcastle) and Aoife O'Donoghue (Durham): A Path Already Travelled in Domestic Orders? From Fragmentation to Constitutionalisation in the Global Legal Order. Jaakko Husa (Lapland): Global Constitutionalism: A Critical View. Christine E. J. Schwobel (Liverpool): The Political Economy of Global Constitutionalism. Richard Collins (UCD): The Slipperiness of “Global Law”. Neil Walker (Edinburgh): The Gap between Global Law and Global Justice: A Preliminary Analysis. You can download Global Constitutionalism without Global Democracy (?),ed. Claudio Corradetti and Giovanni Sartor.

For the first time, five volumes of constitutional case law and commentary provided for the seminar on Global Constitutionalism (a Part of the Gruber Program on Global Justice and Women’s Rights) at Yale Law School have been published to enable open access.