From Politico, how Russia became the leader of the global Christian Right: While the U.S. passed gay-rights laws, Moscow moved hard the other way. Katherine Kelaidis on how Orthodox Christianity became the spiritual home of white nationalism. Britain’s extremist bloggers helping the “alt-Right” go global, report finds. White nationalist movement growing much faster than Isis on Twitter, study finds. When neo-Nazis started trolling Whitefish, Montana, the town had to make a definitive stand against hate — but the deepest-rooted intolerance in places like Whitefish isn’t the kind that makes headlines. Louis Beckett on how Richard Spencer's home town weathered a neo-Nazi “troll storm”. JG Daniel: How I escaped being a right-wing extremist.

From The Outline, what can Lenin teach us about President Bannon? Steve Bannon cites Julius Evola, an Italian thinker who inspired fascists. White House chief strategist Steve Bannon is reportedly a reader of neoreactionary political theory; Rosie Gray on a tour through the pro-authoritarian philosophy gaining visibility on the Right. How Bannon’s Navy service during the Iran hostage crisis shaped his views. What does Bannon think, and does Trump agree with him? We’re starting to notice something bizarre: Namely, that Trump is starting to look a bit like Pepe.

From The Intercept, dark essays by White House staffer Michael Anton are the intellectual source code of Trumpism; and Trump official Michael Anton obsessed over nuclear apocalypse, men’s style, fine wines in 40,000 posts on fashion site. How White House advisor Stephen Miller went from pestering Hispanic students to designing Trump's immigration policy (and more). Did Sebastian Gorka really wear a medal linked to Nazi ally to Trump inaugural ball?

From Public Seminar, Michael Sasha King on protest, patriotism, and the endurance of white supremacy. Suits and ties: AmRen and the postelection mainstreaming of white nationalism in the conservative media. What’s with the unexpected enthusiasm for infrastructure from the fascists? Milk is the new, creamy symbol of white racial purity in Donald Trump's America. Amy Ongiri on punching Nazis: A great American tradition? The ethics of punching Nazis may be exhausting its useful life as a topic for punditry — but there’s one aspect of the debate that perhaps hasn’t received sufficient attention.