Geoboo Song and Rachael M. Moyer (Arkansas): Core Political Values? A Comparative Analysis of Left-Right Political Ideology and Cultural Orientations Among Policy Elites and the General Public. S. Nageeb Ali (Penn State) and Maximilian Mihm and Lucas Siga (NYU): The Perverse Politics of Polarization. “The Internet isn’t causing polarization. Old people are causing polarization” (and more). Philip Bump on the lopsided age distribution of partisan politics, visualized. Are you a liberal or a conservative? That may depend on where you live. Red state, blue state? The urban-rural divide is more significant.

Daniel L. Chen (Toulouse) and Jo Thori Lind (Oslo): The Political Economy of Beliefs: Why Fiscal and Social Conservatives/Liberals (Sometimes) Come Hand-in-Hand. Why facts don’t change our minds: New discoveries about the human mind show the limitations of reason. David E. Broockman (Stanford) and Christopher Skovron (Michigan): Conservative Bias in Perceptions of Public Opinion Among American Political Elites. The power of GOP partisanship captured in new polling. Why Americans vote “against their interest”: Partisanship.