Trump goes full Watergate and threatens Russia investigation: His Nixonian firing of FBI director James Comey creates a crisis. In Trump’s firing of James Comey, echoes of Watergate. Dylan Matthews on 9 questions about Watergate you were too embarrassed to ask (and more). “An act of presidential imperialism”: Historians of the United States call the FBI director’s firing an extraordinary moment — but not entirely unprecedented. Donald Trump is lying about why he fired James Comey: It’s past time for Republicans to recognize Trump is dangerous. The nightmare scenario: Trump fires Comey, the one man who would stand up to him. Into the abyss: This is a very dark and perilous moment.

Four things to watch now that President Trump has fired James Comey. Fox News is floating John Pistole, a close friend of Mike Pence, to be FBI director. Bernie Sanders sets the stage for a massive Democratic resistance against Trump’s FBI nominee. Sen. Schumer says what we’re all thinking about Comey's firing: “Cover-up”. Here’s how a special prosecutor investigating Trump and Russia would get appointed. Is this a constitutional crisis? Legal experts size up the Comey firing. Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey is a moment of truth for U.S. democracy.