From Dissent, a special section on Getting Out: Learning from Past Exit Strategies, including the American colonies, the Philippines, India, Korea, Algeria, and Vietnam; Mitchell Cohen reconsiders George Lichtheim's Imperialism; Michael Walzer argues with a philosophical friend to determine the truth (or a truth) of the "Good Society"; Sheri Berman on capitalism, the Left, social democracy, and democratic socialism; a review of A Secular Age by Charles Taylor; and a review of Diary of a Bad Year by J.M. Coetzee (and more form Bookforum). From The Telegraph, an article on the meaning of modern poetry: Contemporary poetry is lacking something. Publishers Clearinghouse: A bestselling author proposes the most improbable bailout yet. Books Gone Wild: A look at how the digital age reshapes literature. From Slate, will Carlos Slim use the New York Times to bolster his reputation? More and more and more on The Man Who Owns the News: Inside the Secret World of Rupert Murdoch by Michael Wolff. Live Free or Drown: An article on floating utopias on the cheap. How government looks at pundits: People in the idea business do sometimes make a difference. Peter Beinart on the end of the culture wars. A look at what the oath "do-over" reveals about legal interpretation. Didja hear the one about the funny economist? A look at what the richest men in the world don't know.